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    115 Sherman Avenue W, Ste 1
    Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
    in WI   or 1-920-397-7893
    “We Always Have Room For You”
    Summit Schools, Inc. insurance agent prelicensing and CE in WI.
    Wisconsin school for Life, Health, Property & Casualty classes every month.
    Appleton schedule classroom classes held live
    on Zoom (no on-site)
    until further notice 
    EOY 2021 & 2022 Agent licensing school classes Appleton (ZOOM)
    -see Agent Prelicensing link

    Our motto is “Commitment to Excellence”

    Prelicensing CLASSROOM classes in Fort Atkinson (schedule) & Appleton (Zoom schedule) see Agent Prelicensing Link for pricing and materials information
    Prelicensing now available self study  Online – Web based
    Continuing Education available self study Online – Web based
     Securities courses 6 & 63, 7, 24, 26, 65 and 66 available Online – Web based
      Special arrangements, making classes possible at your location. Group rates for Prelicensing and Continuing Education
    Supplemental prelicensing exam prep study aids available
    Receive the best education from “real world” insurance professionals
    Refresh your memory: If a classroom student does not get a passing score on the exam, they may sit in any part of the class for a refresher, free of charge for up to a year. (within 1 year of obtaining original class credit)

    Summit Schools, Inc. was established in Watertown in 1986 by Ron Newman and is currently owned by Jerry W. Price of Fort Atkinson. Mr. Price has a strong background in both insurance and education.

    From its inception, Summit Schools, Inc., has provided quality education in insurance that includes the necessary preparation for Wisconsin’s prelicensing examination for Life, Health, Property and Casualty Insurance

    In addition to prelicensing education, Summit Schools, Inc. offers an extensive list of insurance based continuing education programs for licensed agents. When continuing education became law in January 1996, Summit Schools made a conscious effort to provide exciting, innovative, and useful information to agents allowing them to stay abreast of current trends and legislation as it impacts the insurance industry.

    All insurance programs are taught by experienced licensed agents who have extensive home office, agency and agent backgrounds that provide them with significant researched information. For example, the prelicensing instructors strong body of knowledge is complimented by the textbooks provided to the student. We believe these books are the finest prelicensing textbooks in the industry and are also extremely user friendly.