• Prelicensing School Catalog

    Prelicensing School Catalog

    336 Forest Lake Drive
    Milton, WI 53563
    Phone (920) 370-3881
    JAN 2023 – DEC 2023

    Summit Schools, Inc. School Code is 10015124

    Prelicensing sites are in Appleton and Fort Atkinson with a mission to achieve an excellent educational experience.
    Currently ALL classes are being held via live stream on Zoom.

    Classes in Major Lines of Life, Health, Property and Casualty.

    The Instructors

    Summit Schools has chosen professionals actively involved in the insurance industry.  The instructor will connect the “real world” to the textbook concepts.  In total, our instructors have conducted over 1000 licensing courses with outstanding results.

    Jerry Price Mike DeShasier Bill Edington
    Ed Jeziorny  Wendy Boe

    The Class

    Our prelicensing courses do not count toward Continuing Education credits

    The material covered is required by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance as prelicensing education and is outlined in the State of Wisconsin Administrative Code Ins 26. The class will focus on the concepts presented in the Pathfinder textbook or LH Learning Guide, and The Intermediary’s Guide to Wisconsin Insurance Law, which is handed out on the 1st day of class. This is NOT a class to learn how to sell insurance, it covers the material required by the State.
    Prelicensing education is not an exam prep course. Prelicensing education material covered in any WI prelicensing course is required by the state. Reviews of material are covered if there is time available during class. Study outside the classroom and exam preparation is highly recommended. Information about Exam Prep material for purchase will be given in the classroom.

    The path to success

    We supply you with all of the resources needed to successfully pass the Insurance Exam. If a Summit Schools student fails the exam, Summit Schools will allow the student to sit in the entire class, or any section, free of charge, for review, within one year of the last day of original class in which the certificate was provided. The Prelicensing completion certificate is by law only valid for 1 year. (If any publications used within the class have changed, the student will be responsible for that cost.) All cancellations questions or concerns should be directed to the office at 1-800-432-6406.


    Each student will be notified by phone, e-mail, mail or fax, of their acceptance and class confirmation.  There is no entrance requirement for prelicensing but you must be 18 to be licensed in Wisconsin.


    The State of WI mandates the number of hours and content for pre-licensing education. You must be present for all required mandated hours and material to receive credit for attendance. To verify your presence each day, you will need to “sign-in” and be ready to provide photo identification when asked. You will receive a certificate verifying your attendance. Summit Schools Inc. will not assume responsibility for material that is missed because of tardiness and will not suspend or dismiss a student for unsatisfactory attendance. You will not receive full credit until all hours of content missed are made up. If it becomes necessary to leave a class prior to completion for any reason we will allow the student to attend a similar class within 6 months. No audio or visual taping is allowed. Please dress casually, and bring at least 2 highlighters. All cancellations must be directed to the office at 1-800-432-6406.

    Dismissal Policy

    Each student will behave in a mature and professional manner. Summit Schools reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a student who engages in conduct that is dishonest, destructive or that involves the theft of property, or possessions. The consumption of alcohol or the use of illegal drugs will be grounds for dismissal. Students engaging in activity deemed by our instructors to be disruptive to others will also be dismissed from class.

    Cancellation and Refund Policy

    All cancellations must be directed to the office at 1-800-432-6406. Summit Schools Inc. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class for which we have insufficient attendance. If you cancel your enrollment less than 5 days before the class, or don’t show up, we will refund your money except for a $100 processing fee. If a student terminates enrollment prior to completion of the class, the student will be allowed to attend a similar class within 6 months, or receive a partial refund on class fees only. The pro-rata charge will be 25% of the class fee for each day the student attended the class. Any part of a day will be counted as a full day in respect to refund. No refund is given on books and materials or exam simulators.


    Life and Accident/Health Property and Casualty
    Time line Topic Time line Topic
    1. Insurance Basics 1. Insurance Basics
    1 hr A. Introduction 3 hr A. Terminology
    2 hr B. Contract Law 2 hr B. Contract Law
    2 hr C. Underwriting Basics 3 hr C. Multiple Party Coverage
    1 hr D. Ethics 1 hr D. Ethics
     2. Life Insurance  2. Wisconsin Law
    1 hr  A. Fundamentals  1 hr  A. Commissioner
    2 hr  B. Products  2 hr  B. Insurance Marketing
    2 hr  C. Regulations & Provisions  2 hr  C. Insurance Contracts
    1 hr  D. Options & Riders
    1 hr  E. Ethics  3. Personal Lines
     3 hr

     A. Homeowners Policy

     3. Wisconsin Law  2 hr  B. Auto Policy
    1 hr  A. Commissioner  1 hr  C. Ethics
     2 hr  B. Insurance Marketing
     2 hr  C. Insurance Contracts  4. Commercial Lines
     2 hr  A. Property
     4. Wisconsin Life Law  3 hr  B. Liability
    2 hr A. Life and Annuities  1 hr

     C. Crime

     1 hr  D. Boiler & Machinery
     5. Disability  1 hr  E. Ethics
    1 hr A. Fundamentals
    1 hr B. Disability Income 5. WI Property & Casualty Law
    3 hr C. Policies  3 hr A. Prop & Casualty Ins
    2 hr D. Uniform Provision of Law  1 hr B. Risk Sharing Plans
    1 hr E. Ethics
    6. WI Disability Law
    3 hr A. Disability Insurance
    1 hr B. Risk Plans
    32 hrs 32 hrs
    -outline contains content only, not necessarily in order of instruction-

     Application Deadline

    Summit Schools will not accept walk-in students. Summit Schools will accept students who have not pre-registered prior to the class. However, late registering students may not have study materials immediately available.

    Payment in full is due at time of registration.

    Progress and Course Completion

    There are no grades and a student will not be suspended or dismissed for unsatisfactory progress. At any time if a student feels he or she does not comprehend the classroom material they may withdraw and enroll at a later date or receive an appropriate class fee refund. Summit Schools will provide a certificate of attendance at the end of the class. Summit Schools Inc. does not offer any form of placement service. We do maintain records of attendance and they are available to any employer or regulatory body. At no time will we sell a list of names or give them out to unauthorized person(s).

    Starting Times

    All classes begin at 8:00 AM and run until 5:00 PM, with one hour for lunch. Breaks are given every hour for 10 minutes. Rooms, meals, and refreshments are not included. These times may vary slightly with each class.

    Class Cost

    * Life and Accident/Health Insurance * Property/Casualty Insurance
    345.37 345.37
    * Life only *Accident//Health only
    295.37 295.37

    Books and tax are included in classroom prices listed above
    Have current books?
    Subtract -$8 (.44tx) Law Guide/-$35 (1.93tx) PC Pathfinder/LH Learning Guide

    School Code: 10015124

    The vendor for Wisconsin Pre-licensing is PSI Services LLC for Exam registration.  Applicants should go to the web address below to get information and to schedule their examinations.

    The PSI Wisconsin Licensing Candidate Handbook
    Read the handbook before scheduling your exam.

    PSI Licensing Information Handbook

    The Handbook has step-by-step directions to follow and explains everything you need to know about getting your license. It lists specific requirements for answers to background questions and information in the apply for license section, and lists exemptions for prelicensing education, etc. and also includes the Exam Content Outlines.

    Go to the following link: PSI Exam Scheduling Home Page to schedule exams.

    or PSI by phone at 1-888-818-5805

    or for licensing or other questions: Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, (608)-266-8699