• Insurance CE Course Descriptions


    IRA’S FAMILY TREE #6000083448 4 credits
    Almost every pension product has the 3 letters I, R and A tacked on it. Why, what is the difference? Do they work together?  (Expires 01/31/2023)
    VOLUNTARY BENEFITS #6000096485 4 credits
    Voluntary Benefits allow employees to select the benefits that are best suited for their own particular needs and pay for these benefits themselves. This type of plan allows employees more benefit choices without impacting the employers budget.  (Expires 06/30/2023)
    DISABILITY INCOME #6000096582 4 credits
    One of a person’s greatest assets is the ability to work and produce an income. When a person suffers a disability, their family continues to incur the costs of feeding, clothing, housing, and care for the disabled person. Simply stated a disability is a financial death.  (Expires 06/30/2023)
    The excitement of starting a new small business becomes overwhelming as time goes on. An insurance agent’s responsibility needs to be the guiding light through one segment of a business start-up. The agent’s knowledge of what is available will help calm the client. (Expires 06/30/2023)
    MANAGING INSURANCE OBSTACLES #6000098132 4 credits
    There are layers of obstacles, and one slip could start a spiral of unfortunate events. When you become aware of the obstacles they appear simply as common sense and ethics. The key to reducing an obstacle is to always be checking, because you are still liable if something is not compliant.  (Expires 06/30/2023)
    A QUALITY NEEDS ANALYSIS #6000118719 4 credits
    Things to know gives you a quality needs analysis. To discover as much as possible about a client you’ll need to know how to connect. It’s the agent who is in control as to the success of the appointment. If the agent does not understand the client’s ethics and expectations, there will be a suitability issue. Within this program you will be given some of the tools that will up-grade your professionalism. (Expires 03/31/2024)