• Insurance CE Course Descriptions


    Class will discuss the history and development of the Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. This will include a review of insurance policies available before the Homeowner’s Policy was introduced in the 1950’s. The current HO Policy coverage’s, exclusions and endorsements will be reviewed. In addition, a review of new coverage’s being offered will be discussed.   (Expires 09/30/2019)
    The world that we live in today is filled with questions & issues about our daily behavior as insurance agents. Agents have to make tough decisions based on the law, ethics and their conscience. It is a world that insurance agents need to understand in order to survive. We will discuss the relationship between the insurance company & their agent’s, both contractually and ethically. Agents are created at law and they must follow the rules of their insurance company and always protect their interests.
    (Expires 10/31/2019)
    401(k) PLANS FOR SMALL BUSINESS #6000035117 4 credits
    Retirement plans can be a powerful tool in promoting financial security both to the small business and the employees. The 401(k) Plans for Small Business is an overview of benefits, types, advantages, procedures and an employee introduction.   (Expires 08/31/2020)
    ETHICS PLUS AML (Anti-Money Laundering) #6000035308 4 credits
    Did you know how you communicate may create an ethical issue? Did you know some of the words you use may be considered harassment? Have you reviewed your suitability procedures, including your anti-money laundering procedures? Ethical issues frequently erupt when the agent and client do not understand one another. This is known as ‘situational ethics”. Learn what these situations are in addition to what and how clients’ anti-money laundering attempts may impact you.
    (Expires 08/31/2020)
    BUILD AND PROTECT AN ESTATE #6000045809 4 credits
    This course starts by covering basic planning goals such as financial and medical decisions. It then goes into the 3 stages of the financial life cycle, going beyond the basics by creating an estate, conservation of that estate including planning considerations to preserve income. Distribution, linking trusts to estate planning and a section on gifting are also included.  (Expires 03/31/2021)
    DECODING VOLUNTARY BENEFITS #6000045810 4 credits
     Assumed means “I think I know”. Employers, consumers, agents and home offices all assume they are talking about the same thing when they use the term voluntary benefits. Attention Agents: A survey revealed 72% of employers were rethinking benefit offerings and 88% of employers use a broker. As an agent, you really need to know what a voluntary benefit is.   (Expires 03/31/2021)
    BENEFICIARY DESIGNATIONS #6000045811 4 credits
    The importance of a beneficiary designation does not seem like a big deal at the time of application, but wait until the time of death; the initial mistakes could be devastating. Careless treatment of designations could cost the beneficiary hundreds of thousands of dollars of transferred assets. Learn about the ins and outs of beneficiary designations so you can help satisfy your client’s planning objective.   (Expires 03/31/2021)
    HEALTH INSURANCE -A TO Z- #6000045846 4 credits
    Health insurance is more than Major Medical. Gone are the days when an agent can simply spreadsheet and sell a Major Medical plan. Today the health insurance agent’s liability demands an expertise on a wide variety of actual health insurance products and presentations. This course will go over some of the many types and options an insurance agent has to offer.   (Expires 03/31/2021)
    WISCONSIN LAW #6000045873 4 credits
    This course will review the major insurance coverages, including: Property, Casualty, Accident & Health, Life and Annuities. In addition, we will discuss the Risk Sharing Plans that are currently available in Wisconsin.   (Expires 03/31/2021)
    INVESTING 101 #6000045875 4 credits
    This course covers the practice of investing from the ground up. You will learn some of the lingo and major concepts. Regardless of your personality type, lifestyle, or interest, this course will help you understand what investing is and what it means.   (Expires 03/31/2021)