• Prelicensing scheduled classes held on Zoom until further notice

                     Prelicensing SCHOOL CODE : 10015124  
    Please call 1-800-432-6406 or 1-920-370-3881 to register or see Pre-license page

    All classes live on Zoom until further notice
    1-800-432-6406 or 1-920-370-3881
     instructors and students all visible and participating real time
    on your own device with camera and microphone
    ZOOM Live classroom
    CALL TODAY or e-mail us to register 
    Month     Year  Days Major Lines
    January 2023 17,18,19,20 Life and/or Health
    February 2023 14,15,16,17 Property and Casualty
    March 2023 14,15,16,17 Life and/or Health
    April 2023 11,12,13,14 Property and Casualty
    May 2023 9,10,11,12 Life and/or Health
    June 2023 13,14,15,16 Property and Casualty
    July 2023 11,12,13,14 Life and/or Health
    August 2023 8,9,10,11 Property and Casualty